Psoas/Colon Abscess with JP drain

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Hi everyone, new to the boards. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

My husband had an infection that on initial diagnosis, turned out to be either a psoas abscess or diverticulitis. They have placed a JP drain in his Lower left abdomen (and it is very uncomfortable) which he has had for 3 weeks. Drains ~20 ml every 12 hours.

Further testing reveals two spots on the liver and so he got a PET scan (no other areas of concern) and a liver biopsy. Oncologist thinks that the abscess may be caused by a cancerous tumor in the colon that perforated the colon. Perhaps the liver spots are metastasized from the colon... will have results soon.

My question is: how do we know if you should have colon cancer removed surgically vs treated with chemo? I think the medical establishment is afraid of doing anything surgically in the colon due to the risk of infection, but it sure seems like a good idea to cut out the cancer! (They also don't want to do a colonoscopy.)


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    I'm hoping for the best for your husband's liver biopsy. You should get the results soon and his oncologist will give his/her opinion if surgery and/or chemo is needed. It is not uncommon to have colon or liver surgery. I had colon, liver and lung surgery after my colon cancer metastasized. I also had chemo and have been cancer free for several years.

    Best wishes to you and your husband.

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    Thank you so much, Diane. I'll let you know what happens.

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    Diane, this is an old tread but I am so happy to find your comment, my XH has also colorectal cancer III and the tumor just perforated the colon and is expanding to the psoas , he only did one round of chemo because he also had covid recently. knowing that you made it brings me hope. ty