Chemo Treatment after Kidney nephrectomy ?

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Hello friends

Has anyone done any chemo treatment after removing their Kidney, As I mentioned before they got my right kidney removed in May, and due to recurring cancer in my bladder and the type of my cancer they want to start Chemo treatment and I am kind of worried since I have one kidney left! i will be doing four treatments, once every 3 weeks but some friends are completely advising against chemo so i am worried, scared and confused.

  • Gemcitabine
  • Carboplatin: 


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    Hi masaaf, I hope you get wisdom to know the right thing for you. I think your oncologist and doctors will keep the doses correct for your one kidney to manage. Please keep us updated! Blessings and prayers for you and your family.

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    New to this bare with me. My daughter has been diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer she is 36. we've been in the hospital the last couple of days and have a million questions. The dr found spots on her lungs, shoulder, pelvic. Does this mean the cancer has spread to those areas? We've seen a ton of dr all with different opinions. does it sound like it spread to those areas? How long does someone live with this? I am not sharing this with anyone just need answers Thanks

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    First of all you need to join smart patient there is a lot of people who has great knowledge with stage four a lot of people have live for a long time stay off the internet because all it will do is scare you most of what is on there is old news there’s been many advances in kidney cancer you don’t get chemo you get drugs that boost you immune system go over to smart and post what is worrying you you are in my prayers

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    I am sorry to hear about your daughter, I will be praying for her. I was 32 years old when I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and now at age of 40 lost my right kidney. Iam still lost,confused and terrified and the drs do not make it easy. Anyways did you your daughter had the surgery for the kidney? If not I advice her to start the chemo prior because that will tell them if chemo is working or not. What type of cancer? I been doing a lot of research to avoid chemo after I removed my right kidney and I found a lot of people talking about soursop tea while you are on chemo. It helps a lot. Having cancer in lung and shoulder means it did spread to other organs but it can be curable. It all depends on the type of the cancer and how bad it did effect other organs. Your daughter still young so the chance she can beat the cancer is big. At the end it is all in GOD’s hand and all what we have to do is praying.

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    • So sorry to hear of your daughters cancer. I am 75. started with bladder cancer last summer, received monthly Gemcitabine chemo into bladder. Now waiting for 9/22 to remove left kidney. Ask her doctor about the advice you are given online that you are curious about, if he is a good doctor he will give you a straight answer. Each kidney cancer is not always the same, depends on the pathology report. I think the report is how the doctors decide how to treat. God bless you and your daughter.