Just diagnosed with DFSP FS

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Hi all,

I’m hoping that other people with DFSP still check in to this site as I’d love to make some connections.

a bit about me - I’m a 46 year old woman living in Adelaide, Australia and four weeks ago I was diagnosed with DFSP. Mine is the fibrosarcoma type which I think means a tumour of higher malignancy.

like many of you, I was misdiagnosed for several years, having first noticed a lump on my abdomen approximately two years ago. At least three different GP’s reassured me it was a cyst, and nothing to worry about. When It started getting bigger and causing slight tenderness, I insisted on it being removed. This occurred under a local anaesthetic, five weeks ago. Following biopsy, I was told by the plastic surgeon that the tumour was in fact malignant. I underwent a wide local excision two weeks ago but already know I will go back under the knife in a few weeks to remove more tissue as my margins are too small.

I’m definitely still trying to accept my diagnosis and am reeling from the shock of being told I have cancer. I’ve read all of your posts and am pleased that there seems to be a very good recovery rate for most people. I’m worried that my diagnosis of the FS type puts me at greater risk for recurrence and metastasis and I’m hoping to hear from others who’ve survived this tumour.

Thank you