Cancer Story 7/31/2022

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The months before the surgery were extremely tense and stressful for everyone

involved. After the cancer was detected through the colonoscopy, some basic tests were

done to ensure that the cancer was localized and had not spread to the other organs in the

body. It was a massive relief to our family to know that the cancer was caught relatively

early and had only spread to a couple of lymph nodes, not quite reaching any other organ

or spreading throughout the body. However, we were still extremely worried that cancer

could spread at any second. My grandmother on my father’s side is a 3-time cancer

survivor, and the only reason she got cancer three times is that cancer had spread and was

not detected in time. As such, we were extremely worried that cancer had still spread. To

ease our tension, we decided to do a PET scan to locate cancer and further verify its

location. Thankfully the PET scan forums that the cancer was very local and had not

spread. This was a massive relief to all of us since until then we were not sure if my

father would survive or not.

We decided to visit an oncologist, a cancer specialist, about cancer. There, we

found that we needed to operate immediately to ensure that the cancer was removed

before it could spread further. All these events happened very quickly, and that week was

one of the most stressful weeks of our lives. However, we thankfully were safe from any

major issues like death and could look forward to the surgery.