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Hi there. I just want to share with you all a snapshot of an article I came across. Because of my low platelets, I always research what I eat to make sure that I’m not hurting myself. I just got done with 2 bags of platelets transfused and still working on my diet to further boost the level. Attaching the snap shot for your comments.—Larcon63922


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    Thx for sharing

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    Larcon, I can't imagine the struggle of trying to eat to help your blood count and was wondering if the treatment facility has a dietician you can talk to? I remember being told "Push the protein" but what does that mean? After I sat down with the dietician who specializes in helping patients undergoing cancer treatment it helped me better understand what I needed to plan for.

    Thank you for sharing the information above - I certainly learned what does NOT help trying to maintain platelets.