Hurthle Cell Carcinoma

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Need help in information for hurthle cell carcinoma. So much different info online, scary, confusing, etc. Do I need a Dr/sugeon that specializes Hurthle Cell Carcinoma?


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    Hi - I don’t see why responses here so I hope you got some help elsewhere and are doing okay. I wanted to follow up and ask if you did end up seeing an HCC specialist? I have seen one local ENT surgeon and am getting a second opinion locally from another ENT because the first one was extremely dismissive and I am nervous about what I read about HCC. Neither are HCC specialists that I’m aware of, but I also don’t have confirmed HCC, just the “suspected follicular neoplasm, Hurthle cell” FNA biopsy result, although there are some red flags on ultrasound like micro calcifications. Any information you’re willing to share about your situation would be greatly appreciated since HCC is so rare!

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    I was diagnosed with Hurthle Cell carcinoma back in early 2019. I had an excellent surgeon who removed all but 2% of the cancerous tissue. Having a good surgeon is paramount. My tumor had grown into my larynx, attached to the anterior portion of my vertebrae, and destroyed my paralarangeyal nerve. I lost use of one side of my vocal cords because of this. I did targeted radiation after the surgery. In retrospect, I would have skipped this. It caused a lot of neck issues for me internally and a lot of skin problems for a year after. After all this, I was told it spread into my lungs- they found this out after a PET, mind you

    I am different. I listened to my oncologist all along, until they wanted to put me on chemo…even after they told me chemo doesn’t work for Hurthle Cell carcinoma. They prescribed me Lenvima. At this point, I decided to heal my cancer naturally. I radically changed my diet (a modified vegetarian diet with added eggs, lamb, and bison for protein), started juicing, and retired from my stressful job I had for 30 years. I still have regular blood work, and my thyroglobulin levels are near zero.

    I feel amazing, exercise regularly, hike, mountain bike, mow the lawn, etc. I have no breathing issues or anything indicative of my lungs being damaged. My thought process was, I have seen far too many people resort to “traditional” cancer treatments (surgery, radiation, chemo), and they are all dead. So let’s be honest, that plan isn’t working too well. I prefer quality of life over quantity, but I made changes that many people are reluctant to make. You can’t keep eating the same way, living the same way, and exposing yourself to stress the same way of you want to heal your cancer. We got this way because of environmental causation, not through heredity or the other BS they tell everyone. Not one person in my family has or had cancer. So much for their theory.

    It’s been 4 years since my diagnosis. I feel the best I ever have, and lost 40 pounds since I embarked on my healing journey. I can ride further and harder than I could before my diagnosis on my mountain bike. I read testimonials about Lenvima and see these people suffering with diarrhea and high BP, to the point it’s debilitating. And guess what- they ended up metastasizing anyway, and some of them have stopped posting on here- and I doubt it’s from them just getting bored. Some were regular posters- almost on a bi-weekly basis.

    So don’t be intimidated. Hurthle cell carcinoma is slow- growing, and it’s not as bad as the other type of cancer. But choose your surgeon wisely and don’t buy into the oncologists’ hype. Their job is limited by their knowledge of nutrition and exercise. They will tell you the only option is to put poison into your veins. Don’t believe it. Don’t be so desperate or stubborn you bow down to every treatment they recommend. The chances of it killing you quickly are greater. Research “spontaneous remission”. Doctors will tell you this happens because of their treatment. It’s a lie. It has to do with your own God given immune system, what you feed your body, and your body’s natural ability to heal itself. I may be eating my words in a few years, but I can tell you that I am thankful to God for every day I am on this planet and able to do all the things I love and enjoy. This was me hiking in Moab last year- we did numerous 4 mile plus hikes in a week. Keep in mind, I have cancer in my lungs- the fresh air can work wonders!