Should I be Worried?

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I had breast cancer 8 years ago....went through sugery, chemo and radiation. I have not had a recurrence. I was 48 at the time, and went into menopause while taking treatment, which became permanent.

For about the last month or so, I've been having a lot of abdominal cramping. I feel like I'm going to get my period any second....which of course I cannot get since I haven't had a period in years. I have some discharge, but do not see any blood.

About the last two weeks, I have extreme fatigue. I cannot work more than 4 hours and then do nothing but nap the rest of the day.

I do know Ovarian cancer and Breast cancer can be related. Also, my Mother had uterine cancer when she was 55. Don't think this is related to breast cancer, but thought it was worth mentioning.

Haven't been to the doctor since before COVID. I don't even know if my doctor is still working.

Could this be early symptoms of ovarian cancer ?


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    It could be possible, or could be anything - I would definitely get it checked out though. Did you have any genetic testing done with your breast cancer? I am BRCA1 positive and was diagnosed with stage 3c high grade serous ovarian carcinoma back in 2018, currently in my first recurrence. With BRCA gene mutations it increases chance of ovarian, breast, pancreatic, and (for men) prostrate cancers. I’ll be praying for you, but please see your doctor.

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    Hi Leafgirl13, I’m sorry you’re not feeling good. I agree with lovehisname, please go to your doctor ASAP. Follow your gut feeling, if it doesn’t feel right. . . No harm done if everything checks out. I had abdominal pain, lots of bloating, very uncomfortable, and an overall feeling of something is wrong. That’s when I insisted for my doctor to do a CT scan and that’s how we found out and immediately went to surgery. However, I had 2 previous scans before that were benign. Next thing I know, I had ovarian cancer stage IIA. My oncologist took out a cancer the size of a lettuce, got it out intact. This was September 3, 2021. I went to my gynecologist every year, normal pap and pelvic exam but here I am. I am in remission now but still being very vigilant, doing a lot of research. I research everything I eat, this is still too new for me. Fasting is good for me, quiets my soul and takes away the anxiety and makes me feel better too. I read an article that when you fast, the cancer is starved of nutrition. Stay strong and be of good courage, this too shall pass. My prayers for you and your family.