Mediastinal NSGCT -Embryonal Carcinoma + Yolk Sac Tumor

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Earlier this year, my younger brother who is 26 years old had a large mass in his anterior mediastinum. There was a lot of problems initially to d diagnose the type of cancer he had because his biopsy samples resulted in inconclusive results twice. After a month, the mass had grown in size (it was measured to be ~16x16x14cm) and his symptoms progressively got worse. So the decision to surgically resect it was made. A R0 resection was performed, but the surgery had a complication. It was found that the tumor had infiltrated his upper lobe of the left lung, so they had to perform a left upper lobectomy. Following resection, he was diagnosed with embryonal carcinoma with a yolk sac component. 4 weeks after surgery, he was put on VIP chemotherapy for 4 cycles. The doctors have warned us that this type of tumor has a poor prognosis and low survival rate. My parents and I are worried out of our mind about his health and future and all the articles and research papers we read mention the same. I just wanted to understand what more can be done for my brother and hear from survivors. Are there any clinical studies out there which improve the prognosis? I would really appreciate any glimmer of hope as it would go a long way for my family.