VIN 3 wide local excision recovery


I am a little over a week post op. The burning sensation is off the chart anytime I pee. The area as much as I can see looks yellow and black. Has anyone else had this procedure and what was your recovery like ? Also of note, I still see white patches of skin , I thought the white patches were what he was suppose to be removing ? I guess I didn’t ask enough questions beforehand. It’s so frustrating not to have anyone to bounce thoughts off of so I found this board in hopes someone has the same /similar experience.


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    Hi mommaof2,

    I hope you are feeling better! I am scheduled 7/25 for the same procedure with CUSA for VIN2. I would assume the black and yellow is bruising. It is a traumatic procedure for that highly sensitive area. I have been advised to pour warm water while you pee to help ease the discomfort. Also, doing research I came across a device made in the UK called “ SHEWEE”. It’s a reusable pee funnel that some women have used to help limit the sting. It was designed for women to pee standing -for whatever reason, but it may be helpful. I did not buy one yet, but I’m thinking I will after hearing you. It’s about $15 on Amazon so it may be worth a try. My concern is I also suffer with active Diverticulitis/Losus so I am a little worried about keeping things clean without aggravating the area.

    You are right. There isn’t much information out there for this and am SO happy to have found this group! ❤️ I know I am really fortunate compared to others, but it would help me feel better if I knew what to expect, how to prepare, what is recovery like, how does it affect going back to work, etc. My doctor didn’t seemed too phased by it bc I know she sees MUCH worse. It’s still a scary feeling knowing how close you could be to the real deal.

    I am sending you many positive vibes and prayers!!