I feel so lost....

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This is fight two for my mother. The first was when I was 16 and we had no support system but what we could figure out on our own. She had Chemo and Radiation then. She ended up in the hospital once, besides the treatments and surgery. This time I am 42, we have a great support system but it seems worse this time. She is almost 60, Breast cancer again. She has been doing just chemo this time and we are almost done with it but it seems so bad right now. She has been in the hospital 3 times so far, needed blood, her adrenal system isn't working right, and her body isn't working right at all. They are quitting the immune therapy because of the lung inflammation side effect. She has fallen from muscles just giving out and her legs not working right. We are at a complete loss at what we should do and whats going on. I don't even know which way to go right now. I'm calling the doctor and maybe the hospital in the morning because she was just released today and already fell twice. We got her off the floor but she wasn't mentally doing great because of these falls. We are also hoping we can just let her heal and do no more Chemo so we can get ready for the double mastectomy. The surgeon wanted to encourange her to get the reconstruction but she is so against that it isn't funny.


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    Wow you have a lot you to deal with. Make sure that you take time for yourself. Even a half hour of funny stupid YouTube videos will help lighten you mood. Don’t forget to eat, you cant be strong if you’re running on fumes. You’re not alone, lots of us are in similar situations all trying to make it work. Somehow we’ll get through it.

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    What does she want ? Came you give her protein shakes . I would give my dad ice cream milkshakes with protein. Helped to get him stronger what about physical therapy work with her legs .. cancer is a full time job . Everyone lives their life for the treatments but does not take time out to live life . Go to the beach breath in the fresh air watch the waves I got recharged that way to face what we had to deal with .. take time out for yourself!!! Very important as caregivers to go out with friends or what ever to give you space and unplug to recharge you !!! Good luck and god bless 🌹

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    Thank you for sharing your story… 🙏🏼. I hear you…