2 Liver Lesions one month after Folfox

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Hello. I'm 33 and got diagnosed last December. I finished the 6 rounds of FOLFOX after surgery in January and no my latest CT shows 2 small hypoenhancing lesions 12 and 19 mm just less than a month after chemo. The Docs aren't certain it's cancerous but my cea is 33 so they won't be shocked either. Anyone can help shed light?


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    That is kind of what happened to me. They thought the 2 lesions were maybe scarring, so they sent me to an MRI, and they were tumors. Find out what they are. Check out if there are any surgery options, including IR procedures, to make sure if it is cancer, you know all your options.

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    typical onc response.

    Agree totally with Abita!

    Research your options and maybe get 2nd-3rd opinions on treatments. Weigh them, then decide what to do if it is cancer.

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    Thank you for your response. What steps did you take for treatment?

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    one of the tumors in my recurrence was too close to something to be removed, so I have been on chemo since then. I have been through a few different protocols as I move on to a new one when one stops working. I also had it spread to my right lung. But still here and still happy and enjoying my loved ones.

    But that is just me. Some had recurrence, had them removed, and are cancer free. You already know how to fight, so just keep on, and stay positive, and allow yourself those moments to be sad when you need.

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    I had similar circumstances, click my name for the whole rundown, but after the colectomy, my CEA never really hit 5 or less, I did the 12 rounds of Folfox straight through, but the every three month CT scans and blood panels had them puzzling over cysts/spots/masses/lesions in my liver for 2+ years, until it became clear that these 3 spots were growing and likely malignant.[CEA at 43] They 'scooped' them out, and 3 years after, scooped out one more,[near were the previous 'spot' was]. Since then I've been fortunate to be NED, almost 8 years. What I learned was I should have pushed harder for faster responses, the doctors can get quite casual with stuff they may see over and over again. It's not their risk and they aren't scared about it, however kind they may be. Get a second opinion if you sense any lack of urgency on their part. Good luck to you.................................Dave