Third Lumpectomy

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I just found out that there are still cancerous cells in the margins of my re-excision (2nd) lumpectomy and they are talking about a third lumpectomy. Does anyone have any experience with multiple lumpectomies? I already have a seroma from the last surgery and wondering what are the risks. Not sure if I should push for an MRI, or if there are other options out there. If they don't get it with this one, I'm getting nervous with the multiple surgeries every couple of weeks.


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    KT: I've not had multiple lumpectomies, but I'm facing a re-excision next week. I'm pretty nervous about it.

    Do you mean an MRI instead of another lumpectomy?

    (Do you skate? If so, ice or roller? I play roller derby.)

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    I guess if you have an MRI they can better pinpoint where the DCIS is before they go back in and take more tissue. They told me when I had my re-excision that they were going to just go back in instead of doing the MRI and having to keep waiting for chemo and radiation to start. Now I’m facing more surgery and more recovery time. The re-excision caused edema and I have some weird sloshing sounds in my breast that my Oncologist told me was seroma (a fluid build-up in the cavity where they took the tumor and tissue out). The re-excision for me was not as bad as the first lumpectomy since they didn’t have to take any lymph nodes as in the first surgery although they did insert my portacath at the same time.

    Since I am having fluid issues, I didn’t know if anyone could shed some light on having a third lumpectomy and what to expect.

    I roller skate on quads at rinks. I’m in my 50s and started in the late 1970s. So many great people at the rinks. Great skate family. Good to see skating making a comeback too! Are you able to keep skating derby with your treatment?

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    I'm not a doctor but it does seem that something needs to be done to get a better handle on the size of your tumor. I don't know if it will take and MRI or PET scan or what (really have little knowledge). I am new myself but have been gobbling up information from websites, doctor's handouts, support groups, and anything else I can find. I have not heard so far of someone going in for a third excision. However, just because I haven't seen it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Maybe ask for literature from your doctor on this? Or ask for a second opinion regarding how to proceed at this point so you feel more confident? Blessings on your journey through this mess! 🤗

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    I had some sloshing and some strange noises for a few weeks after my modified mastectomies. My plastics surgeon told me it was normal as the tissue resettles. They disappeared as the swelling resolved.

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    I too did not have clean margins for my first lumpectomy. Second one had clean margins but had some fluid in the area that that had taken the tissue from. Eventually it was absorbed into my body but felt different for awhile.

    Best of luck on your surgery. It isn't an easy road to go through, though I have been lucky and haven't had horrible side effects. Walking helped me alot.

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    I had three lympdectomies. I ended up then doing a double mastectomy. I am a long time survivor and had 14 positive lymph nodes.

    Did a ton of research and followed the path of long time stage 4 survivors. I have never been healthier at age 60. Only advise I can give you is follow the paths of long time survivors.

    Be your own advocate.