Three month scans

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I’ve always had three month scans well the last time I was in doctor move me to six month scans well I find I’m just past my three months and getting a little anxiety it’s funny what our minds will do


  • AliceB1950
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    How long ago was your surgery, and what stage and grade was your cancer? I had three scans my first year post-op, then two each of the next two years, now I'm at one per year and when I hit five years next year, I may only get scans if my blood work is off or there's some other problem. Mine was stage 1, grade 4.

    You'll get used to the new schedule.

  • Mmoses25
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    I’m stage 3 grade 3 and two years and three months ago

  • Deanie0916
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    Yes it is weird how that is good news, less scans but I felt strange about it too. It's a good thing they will still be tracking things!