How you felt after 6th round of chemo

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My sister wants to visit. Debating on July ( 3rd round of chemo) or October ( a month after last chemo). With gas prices so high can't decide when it would be better. I'm feeling fine so far. More good then bad days.

So for those who had all 6 doses ( I know everyone is different, and things can change) but how generally did you feel after you 6th dose?


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    I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in December of 2021. I had my 6th chemo on April 21, 2022. To answer your question, I still felt nauseous only after my sixth. I didn't vomit like I had with my past chemo sessions, thank goodness. I was tired, of course, but only nauseous for that first week. My chemo sessions were three weeks apart. The first week was always the hardest, then felt good the last two weeks. It always seemed to go that way for me, but everyone responds differently.

    I'm glad you are feeling fine, and your sister plans on visiting you. Family is getting me through this awful disease. I hope I helped. Take good care!

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    Thanks for your response Tex

    We're thinking possibly July would be better now because of the immunity issues later. Really the only factor that has us on the fence is the gas prices. And there's no telling what they will be in October ( hopefully lower.