I survived.

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Hey All I'm Michelle I'm 41 and a childhood cancer survivor. I had A.L.L. Acute lymphblasticc Lukimia whoever that's spelled I was also and experiment as well and a survivor out of 35 kids yes they all died I lived with another survivor a boy but I'm not sure he's alive or if I'm the only one. I been sick My whole life before I was born and after and had many cancers after all that today I live each day trying to stay alive each day.


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    Oh my gosh it's really scarry to hear this but... Be strong and everything will be good be sure! Live your best and if you need to talk we all here with you!

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    I'm a 47 year old ALL leukemia survivor. I started treatment in 1977. I know the good days and bad days. I know the feeling of walking alone, all to well. It sucks you saw first hand what can happen. I didn't know they did treatment in groups. They only treated individually where I went. Thank you for your story.