Father was just diagnosed - I'm confused

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Hello, and thank you for reading.

My father was just diagnosed, but with zero symptoms. We don't have a "stage" just yet and are also still waiting on liver biopsy results. Doctor was surprised at how well he looked and active he was along with no weight loss....per what was found in his pancreas. This doesn't make sense to me. Btw - this was only found because he had a scan done for another reason and "spots" were found in the corner of the image. That lead us to the endoscopy. Any thoughts? He's 80years young.


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    Hope your father is doing well. I hope the image was misread and it's nothing. Please keep us updated. 🙏

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    I am hoping I can do as at 80. I am 75 now and have a multitude of the symptoms. But as yet diagnosed as such. My dad passed from PC in '94 @ 74yo.

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    Similar for me. When I got the call August 2022 that biopsy was adenocarcinoma, I was also told it could not be staged yet. My GI MD told me its generally classified early as either resectable or non-resectable. Since then, I have researched myself and said stage III due to vascular involvement. I also had very minimal symptoms. I am 40 years old, and am still working out and running. From looking at me, you wouldnt be able to tell at all.