Anyone with pelvic pain after radiation for anal cancer?

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  • dejavu4502
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    I had that same reaction after radiation therapy, it was a dull aching pain and tightness in my pelvis and hip joint area. What works for me is stretching this has improve this alot.

  • Fengshoe
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    Lots of tightness in hips and pelvis afterwards for me. Going to pelvic floor therapy for specific exercises was helpful. Also, lots of yoga and stretching helped.

  • bbee22
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    Yes. It is very common. I am almost a year from end of treatment and it gradually improved over time. I still have some sore and aches, but nothing like it was. Stretches for the hips, pelvis, etc... help. Good luck.

  • Cantu
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    I am starting my treatments in October, my main concern is my bones, I do not have strong bones, I have2 knee replacement, had my pelvic broken in 3 places, I keep hearing that radiation can affect your bones even crack them, have any of you heard that? I hope you are doing better now.

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    Stretching is so important for tightness and pain. As far as bone density is concerned, I've read that there can be issues later. I've had 2 bone density scans one after treatment and 5 years after. There was no change, but I take multivitamins and calcium supplements. Hope that helps.

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    Thank you for thatπŸ™πŸ»

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    Yes, they are called insufficiency fractures. Radiation can demineralize the bones 😞I just finished treatment and am trying to research what I can do to take the best possible care of my bones moving forward. Best of luck to you!

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    Wow guess I really am not looking forward to any of this, if I do not do the chemo radiation I only have 18 month with the chemo radiation I have 5 years or more?my bones are my main concern, I want quality not quantity.thank you for the information.πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

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    Hi Brenda,

    I have both back and pelvic pain. The back is the result of deterioration of my lumber area bones due to treatment. Had a fracture of the sacrum but had glue/cement injected and that relieved the pain immediately. Doctors said that my bones are those of an 80yr old woman - I am 60.

    The pelvic pain that I am experiencing is associated with the bladder. I started noticing really agonising pain in my pelvis. I realised that I needed to urinate and it was traumatic pain wise. I had a very full bladder and I didn’t sense the need to go to the toilet. The over extended bladder ached and it took me a few days to recover from the experience. I cannot stand for more than 20 - 30 minutes and if I last this long I end up feeling as if my insides are going to fall out! The only relief if I let it get this bad is to lie down. Oh and of course pain medicine.

    I have found Tramadol works best for me. But as the pain worsens I need to increase the dose.

    I will be having an MRI that looks at what muscles are being used when I pass bm.

    I am learning to live with these changes in my body. Nothing seems as if it is going to get better so I manage the best I can. I have been cancer free since treatment in 2017 πŸ‘΅πŸ»

    We are amazing creatures and we have a remarkable ability to adapt to our life circumstances. Pray πŸ™ for courage and you will learn how much of our pride steals hope from us; you will also learn about being humble in a way you never knew was possible ❀️