Abiraterone and dizziness/light-headedness

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I've been on Abiraterone for about six months. I'm experience dizziness and seeing spots. It seems to be getting worse as time goes by.

I was wondering if anyone else has experience this, and if so, have you found anything that helps?


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    Same here. So dizzy sometimes I have to lie down.

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    Are you monitoring your blood pressure? I am wondering if your symptoms are related to elevated blood pressure.

    I have been on Abiraterone for 20 months, and from day #1, I also was prescribed Prednisone, to hold my blood pressure relatively stable, since Abiraterone tends to increase blood pressure.

    From the beginning, I have monitored my blood pressure daily at the request of my Oncologist, and we review those numbers every 3 months when we meet.

    I have no dizziness or seeing spots issues.

  • seldenm
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    I do monitor my bp (also taking dexamethesone instead of prednisone). BP did drop somewhat, but then they stopped my bp medication, and it came back up to normal. Still extremely dizzy. My oncologist is trying to figure out what's going on. But dizziness, light-headedness and fainting are listed among the top side effects.

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    Don’t mean to make light of it but it sounds like you have answered your own question with dizziness being one of the top side effects. You might want to have your physician prescribe another drug that does not have those side effects. I know when I took Prednisone it made me feel weird when I tried to fall a sleep at night, so I quit taking it.

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    Not taking the prednisone when you take your Abiraterone can destroy your liver. This is very important! The oncologists at the VA believe dexamethesone is a superior choice which also protects the liver.

    My doctor emphasized DO NOT TAKE THE ABIRATERONE BY ITSELF. This will harm your liver.

    I strongly suggest you talk with your doctor about this.

    Best wishes!