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I am having surgery in a few weeks and have decided to have a neobladder. Is here anyone out there that has had this done?


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    This is a decision that each person facing this surgery must make. To see different viewpoints, go to and search for urinary diversions. To be able to speak directly with folks whom have had each kind of diversion, contact They will put you in touch with folks whom volunteer to share their experience with others.

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    I am a disabled and thus retired R.N. due to a back injury. My Husband (Vikingman) has opted to have a neobladder. We realize that there are some complications that could make this impossible which would then necessitate "the bag" instead. We are very hopeful that this won't be the case. As a nurse, one of the first things that they teach you is that your skin is your first protection against bacteria and such. You know, those nasty things that are called "germs". It is my professional opinion that when you are bringing a part of the internal body to the outside, you are going to run a lot higher possibility for UTIs. Another thought is that if you find you really don't like having a neobladder and want the ileostomy, you can do that. However,m if you get the ileostomy but wish you had the neobladder that can't be done. My Husband's Sister has an ileostomy and has had lots of infections. It will take longer initially to recover due to the tubes and such. However, we believe that in the "long run" of things we will be much happier. Let us know if we can help you. Sometimes it might help to have someone who is your "buddy" going through the same thing. One last thing, bcan is an AWESOME resource. I highly suggest you check it out today. ~Flo~

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    Thank you so much for your comments. I have decided to go with the neo bladder hoping I dont' need a bag the rest of my life (Im 64). Please keep in touch and tell how your husband is doing. <Content removed by CSN.> My name is Richard. Eula was my grandmother. Have a great Sunday.