Neuropathy months after radiation?

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Hi All! I am having skin pain. I've taken Shingles medication with no improvement. I'm now on neuropathy medication with very, very little improvement. My skin on and under my breasts burns and the skin on my back does too. It's like a band of burning skin that follows my bra band. THERE IS NO RASH! Has anyone had anything like this and may know what it is?

My radiation oncologist says I'm too far from treatment for it to be radiation related. My last radiation treatment was March 24th. Today is June 7th. Have any of you had anything like this pop up after treatment? Anything you would care to share is very appreciated!

Thanks in advance!😊


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    I am currently having this same issue. 2 cat scans, Doppler (sonogram) have revealed nothing concerning this pain. It started off mild pain. It starts in my back and circles around to my front and through my breasts (almost as if I wore a bra that was 5 sizes too small). I also have this same pain up under my arm pits and extending down to my elbows. The pain is like a burning sensation. It’s hard to describe to people that aren’t experiencing it. Doctors have given me the answer of “we don’t know what it is”. Not good enough. I’ve told them I’m not the only one on this world to experience this problem. Did you find out what was causing it?