neuroendocrine tumors

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Most individuals are afraid. They are afraid of death, afraid of cure, healing and survival and that cancer like the cornovirus is contagious. They belive that manipulation and demanding co-operation means they care. It never accures to their that it's your body and you are the one dealing with the cancer. I was instructed by a male to 'accomodate' and another was harassing my doctors because I could not follow their orders.......give myself my meds.

I was taking injections once a month because I had severe diarreha and couldn't sleep. The injections controlled that. I think they are angry and enraged because I don't 'act like a cancer victim' How are we suppose to act? And because I don't have a mass of complaints or in pain 24/7. These people cannot comprehend a miracle yet they are suppose to believe in God.

I see it because I am living it. They are basically drama queens. I know there's a God and HE is with me. My faith has healed me in so many ways especially psychologically. My father had lung cancer most of his life as a father to me and my siblings. He missed two weeks of work. What is wierd to me is my GI tract.......neuroendrocrine tumor changes food and food choices a lot. For instance the body can't store sugar. So you can a whole bag of candy! You can't digest fats. And when I had severe diarrehea the food went in and five minutes I was eliminating what I ate in the stool. Couldn't gain weight and was always hungry. I still have funny bowel movements but no diarrehea just soft stools and lots of water and urine.

I also have to watch my blood pressure, too! A lot of co-ordination I have to deal with. The dummies don't know but they have their own psychological issues to deal with but don't believe it. I'm responsible for their misconduct and my mistakes. I didn't realize I was that powerful!