Liver mass normal blood work

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Anyone experience large undifferentiated hypovascular lesion (8x6x6 cm) with all enzymes (AST, ALP, billirubin, creatinine) and even AFP in completely normal ranges?


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    No lesions but all liver enzymes are off and doctors can’t figure out the cause of my abdominal pain. Possible cause is Mesenteric Panniculitis but I think it is liver. Good luck with everything

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    yes. first mri said measured 2x2 cm, and tumor board said cancer, needed to be resected, then onto listed for transplant, surgery looked at films, said it was an artifact, so, second one done, again, inconclusive, but suggestive.

    enzymes are normal, afp normal, all sorts of immo stuff normal.....I have elevated bilirubin, but due to gilberts disease, only other thing, my platelets seem to stay on the lower side, around 105.

    have been on this merry go round since late march.....still no biopsy !!!!

    and yes kids, this is at a NCI Cancer Center !!!

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    forgot to mention, whatever this is has grown to 2.7 x 2.2 cm in the second mri