Total Gastronomy

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I just passed 5 years total gastronomy February 1st.12 hour robotic surgery.

I had to find my own way as far as eating is concerned.

I think I pretty much have it down now with a hit-or-miss along the way. My new motto is if you haven't pooped in your pants in a grocery store....πŸ™„

I think the most important stuff at least one of them for me was the need to eat real food for my mental health. I'm a foody. That doesn't change with the TG. I was EAT like it is my last meal.πŸ™„

I try everything to see if it works for me.

I lived off of this recipe. With vitamins and between period the best gummies that I have found so far are smarty pants you can get them on Amazon.

A deep dish pie show prefab.

You're going to bake it on 350 middle middle rack that you have to check it.

You must use heavy whipping cream.

A cup and a 1/2 heavy whipping cream

2 cups shredded cheese whatever you want

4 good eggs

Salt pepper

I was eating this when I came home. IF you're going to add anything else eight about 6 weeks sausage, bacon, everything has to be cooked before you put it in the shell.πŸ₯°

I mixed and matched them and made them all different ways and THOSE helped me not only maintain But gain weight.

If you have a big Pyrex mixing bowl 4 cups everything will fit into that.πŸ₯°

Put foil down because you're gonna have some spillage and you test it like a pie if the night comes out clean...πŸ₯°

I can't even tell you how good these are you will be eating them all the time wither without meat.πŸ˜‹

They keep well and you can cut them in the shapes like pies and microwave them for about 25 to 30 seconds.

I cannot even tell you how important it is to eat real food.

Please let me know how I can help!!