CE CT Scan after 18months follow up

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Thanks to all the wonderful people on this site who are very encouraging and posting their trials and experiences after going through so many hoops to alleviate their sufferings or trying to manage this disease. I have been always reading through your vast experiences and I would like to post that I had the above scan for the 18months follow up as ordered by my Uro-Oncologist on 14/05/22 and the Radiologist explained that the report was NED and there has been no recurrence. Although I went though a lot of anxiety up until I got the feedback from the Radiologist and now it's just a formality to present this report to the Uro-Oncologist. Also my Blood Test was also normal. I would like to say to those people who are in this condition that come what may, periodic screenings are essential to catch any recurrances on time so that we are in a position to do something before it's too late.


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    Congratulations on being Ned

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    Thanks Mmoses25, it means a lot and practically all of us here have suffered due to anxiety, worries etc. and always pray that all of us may one day be NED as soon as possible.

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    What stage and grade was your cancer? If they were low, the chances of recurrence are very small. After you had the surgery, you should be able to tell yourself you HAD cancer, not that it's something that still needs managing. I try to think of scans like routine blood work at my primary doctor's office - just routine maintenance. 👍

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    My kidney cancer was pT1aNxMx and the Tumor was 2.7x3cm and the cut portions were clear. Thanks AliceB 1950 and seeing your profile you have gone through a lot of sickness and I take my hat of to you and others who have endured or are enduring this disease. As I have mentioned earlier I take great courage from people's testimony on this site and always pray for all people in this world enduring this sickness. I am all alone except for one friend who checks on me occasionally