Undifferentiated Pleomorphic Sarcoma

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My husband was diagnosed in early 2021. He had a large fast growing mass on his upper arm. Radiation and brachytherapy brought the mass down to size for his surgery. The surgeon removed the mass but had to go back in a day later to get clear margins. Wound vac for a couple months then infection set in and they removed the vac. Infection in bone. Three more surges to close wound with skin flap. Ten weeks antibiotic therapy. Mets to lungs found in January of this year. He began Gemcitabine and Docitaxel. He has had ten rounds. Tumors in both lungs stable. Now dr has him on a chemo holiday for three months. She reminded us that it can’t be cured and go have fun this summer. He has so much swelling from chemo - hoping it will go down to enjoy this summer. He is struggling with knowing he will die from this and seeing stable scans. I struggle with making him as comfortable as I can.