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I was told on May 9, 2006 that I had a mass(es) in my R. kidney and a mass(es) in the left lobe of my liver. and possibly other sites. "Unless they" could do something about it, I had 5-7 months to live.

Next day, I started further testing, while the Internist and oncologist searched for "they." Jump ahead 6 weeks, and "they" turned out to be Dr. Mitchell Sokolof and Dr. Kevin Billingsly, two surgeons at Oregon Health and Science University. Kevin is still there and head of the liver transplant team. Mitchel is now practicing in Massachusetts. Removed were R. Kidney, left lobe of liver, congenitally defective gall bladder and duct, and set of nodes posterior to the removed kidney. DX-Stage 4 RCC. A year later, a single node was enlarging, found on CT, and removed. Wait another year, and the same Dx, and another surgery.

Since that time, it's been the story of many of us. Tests and more tests and further apart. Now I see a PA alternating with the Onc. MD every 6 months with only labs and a check-up. Mabey a CT to be ordered by the end of the year For the previous 3 years, I've seen a nephrologist for my one kidney, as the function is at borderline kidney disease.

I just heard on the news 2 days ago, that the contrast dye used for CT's is another of those items made in China, and may be hard to get. It's time to bring manufacturing back to USA.

After 2 days of self-pity at the start, I made up my mind I was going to live. And here I am today, 79 yrs. old, still working part time in a business the family owns, traveling to Volleyball tournaments to watch the youngest grand-d, working in my garden/yard when the weather is warmer, and enjoying my family and friends.

There have been ups and downs, but living is greater.



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    You give me encouragement to fight this cancer in my book your a rock star a shining light congratulations

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    Thanks for your story Donna. You are such an encouragement!

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    You have been such an inspiration on these boards. Thank you for calming the nerves of new arrivals. I was among them in Jan of 2013. Sincere Best Wishes To You!

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    Hi Donna Lee,

    My husband was just diagnosed with kidney cancer after an ultrasound today. I'm in a fog about what happens next. He wasn't given information on the size or type, just that one kidney needs to be removed. The nephrologist has put in a "critical" order for surgery and assured my husband the surgeon is very good, but we are in Bend and I want to make sure. Any suggestions would help me help him!


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    HI Deb

    I am so sorry to hear about your husband but lots of good advice to be found on this board. I would suggest starting a new thread to maximize views.

    As for advice, try to stay positive. Lots of us have had a kidney removed and are doing well. The news is devastating and takes time to adjust to but you will get through this!!