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Starting first chemo next week. So in preparation trying to get all possible supplies so I can avoid stores as much as possible. Wondering about the constipation side effect and what everyone's trick was. I never really had an issue before so not alot of experience for what works.


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    Good morning, Loo

    (I missed this post, so apologize that I haven’t responded before now. I’m going to respond to your first chemo post in a few minutes.)

    Doctor’s office will probably tell you the obvious stuff…stool softeners, probiotic fiber, Miralax, or Prune Lax. I bought prune juice knowing full well what I would think about it, and sure enough, spit it out immediately! 😂 The Prune Lax made for pretty awful cramping pains. I had to resort to an enema more than once and suppositories. Not all suppositories are built alike! The ones with stimulants caused terrible cramping for me, but the ones that are only glycerin are easier on you.

    My most recent and BEST discovery is popcorn! Low calorie, high fiber, and delicious! I don’t eat great amounts…just a light snack several times a week and it works like a charm!

    😎, A

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    Hi, I was not prepared for the awful constipation due to round the clock hydrocodone after the first 3 days post chemo. I tried just taking half the dose of pain meds but the bone pain was so terrible I succumbed to a full dose on the first two days and by the third day, half dose, fourth day no more pain meds. I was a medical/surgical nurse and used to make concoctions for my severely constipated patients and it never failed. It’s 3/4 cup prune juice and 1/4 cup milk of magnesia. I drink this myself every 3 days and it will clean you out. After drinking it, be near a bathroom.😊. Metamucil twice daily everyday to give your stool the bulk, lots of fiber, and water, water, and more water.

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    During the days I am taking the antinausea meds and two days after I do the Miralax even though my kidneys twinge. When things are moving I switch to a good probiotic and prune juice. I would keep Miralax in the house. Colace upsets my stomach when I am off the anti nausea meds, but I keep it for emergencies. The advice from Larcon sounds good. I am not a nurse nor a doctor. I do drink a lot of water. Thank God for AntiNausea meds, but you do have to manage and balance everything. Thank God for modern medicine.

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    I know all about the "bone pain". I am on neurontin AND the chemo agent Taxol/Carboplatin. Constipation has ensued. The one that worked for me is senna-s. Is rough for sure! Thank goodness for Depends & a routine.

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    hello ladies. visitor from the Uterine board and wanted to let you know we gyn cancer warriors stick together.

    It stinks that we have all had to figure out for ourselves the best way to address the constipation, seriously we have enough going on we have worry about this? For me, and everyone should check with their doctor's office first, but I started Miralax the night before and then a few times a day for a few days. (I will never forget overhearing the one patient say, "Miralax is a miracle.") Had to be careful or it went to far the other way smh.

    This is walking a tight rope for sure. I think finding that "routine" as you said @maryv82 is the trick.

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    It is pretty normal to experience constipation during this time. I can relate to your concerns because my elder sister faced a similar situation when I was little. She then followed various dietary restrictions and increased her water intake to treat it organically. However, it wasn't wholly effective in her case, so she turned to Colace Plus for quick relief. Drinking plenty of water and eating fiber-rich foods can help temporarily relieve constipation. If these measures do not alleviate your symptoms, a doctor may advise you to use Colace or another suppository.

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    I'm a RN with both breast and ovarian cancer, had my first chemo a week ago. Constipation 4 days later. What helped me was lots of hydration (including half water/half Gatorade), Colace, dried fruit, & Australian black licorice. Next time I plan to take Miralax after chemo. Best wishes all.