MUST READ: New Guidelines for Treating Localized Prostate Cancer

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The American Urological Association and the American Society for Radiation Oncology (AUA/ASTRO) just issued new guidelines for the treatment of localized prostate cancer.

There are major changes for active surveillance, being the preferred treatment for all low risk cases. Also, AS can now be considered for select favorable intermediate risk men.

There are cautions about the lack of high quality data for focal ablation, and a statement that proton has not been shown to be superior to other radiation choices in outcomes and toxicities. Lots of good information here that patients, especially those deciding treatment, should be aware of.

These new guidelines are the result of studies and discussions of new findings since the last publication five years ago. jXKdGDbn7pbIRCuD6HYV2ruF4ywGEVXJc


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    Thanks for the link. I think it useful not just for newbies but to those in recurrence status.

    For me this is the fourth time I read changes in the guidelines. Something I would like them to include is the viability of treatment with needle-catheters (brachytherapy approach) for attacking metastases in thin tissues like bladder walls.

    Good read.