I am not sure ...

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Okay, 2021 my Gleason went from 6 to 7 w/a PSA of 14.09

We decided to wait, because of the holidays and weather till this spring, 2022.

Okay, PSA shot up to 16.35 and we decided to do a biopsy to double check everything.

Biopsy samples came back zero - NO - Cancer?????

I'm thinking I need to have my doctor do another one, but how soon?


  • Rob.Ski
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    Gleason 6 and 7 were determined from biopsies, correct? Possible last biopsy misses tumor, samples are small. Possible pathology inaccurate.

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    I suggest you get an MRI first.

    What did the earlier biopsy show? Since you mentioned Gleason 6 and 7 it must have found something...

    Did the urologist do a Digital Rectal Exam?

    More in general, a biopsy tries to find the needle(s) in the haystack.

  • Jjb-54
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    Yes. they were found by MRI Infused Biopsy ...

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    Sounds like your Urologist missed with the sampling needles. Like Old Salt said you need an MRI or PET scan so the Urologist knows where to sample. You also need to find out on the Gleason 7 was it 3+4 or 4+3. It does make a difference as the 4+3 being more aggressive than a 3+4. Time to do another biopsy with more guided precision.

    Dave 3+4

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    That's what I emailed my doctor -

    We are not comfortable w/the Biopsy to be suddenly "No Cancer" .. so request another one. The last two that I had were MRI Infused Prostate Biopsy, so that is what I request be done.

    Thanks - I was / am just very frustrated .... in that we have to keep a serious eye on this because I have only 1 option due to other health issues. Cannot do the Seed or removal of the prostate ...

    Thanks again ....

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    It's not unusual for even an MRI fused or targeted biopsy to miss prostate cancer if the lesions are small.

    I have have seven MRI targeted biopsies, both transrectal and transperineal. Three found small amounts of Gleason 6, and four others, including the most recent, found no cancer. Speaking with other long term AS guys, I hear similar stories.

    But, your PSA is concerning. How large is your prostate? What is your PSA Density? The prostate volume should be stated on your biopsy pathology report.