Ten Year Anniversary!

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I just wanted to add a short update that I celebrated my 10-year anniversary since completing treatment.

I recently developed gluten intolerance which may have nothing to do with my cancer treatment but with urgency issues I have to carefully watch my diet. I find taking Metamucil helps keep me regular and increases my tolerance for higher fiber foods. But I ALWAYS carry Lomotil just in case!

I am very active and do strength, balance and high Intensity workouts to stay fit. My hip flexors continue to be tight but I just keep stretching as I can.

I send my best wishes to my fellow anal cancer survivors!


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    Congratulations on your 10th anniversary. Time to take a big, "SIGH" and paint the sky with a bouquet of colorful balloons. I'm going on 9-years NED in December of this year (2022) and I feel your happiness.

    As you know, our bodies have been going through a lot of changes since that first treatment way back when. I just had another colonoscopy and learned I am facing serious GI issues. It's my own fault because I have allowed myself to become obese and sedentary. But all that is changing next month when I get into a good physical therapy program with my new chiropractor.

    But what I really want to share with you, regarding gluten intolerance, is a fantastic product that has eased all my GI issues. It's called Heather's Tummy Tamers which is peppermint oil capsules with fennel and ginger. Oh, my gosh, I've been taking this first thing in the morning for 15 days now and I feel great. The bloating is going away gradually and my stools are good. I have no other adverse GI symptoms. I hope you try this.

    Celebratory hugs from a fellow cancer survivor ... CB