Biochemical Recurrence and AUS

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I read everything I can about an AUS device to control my Niagara Falls incontinence and haven't seen this one posed before. If a patient had his prostate removed via RALP and decided he needed an AUS or a Sling to get a handle on his incontinence, what would happen if a biochemical recurrence reared its ugly head? Would he have to have the device removed before radiation or some other form of post RALP treatment? Thanks.


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    I am only slightly familiar with these devices, but I do think that an AUS is placed in the scrotum. This will be outside a 'typical' radiation treatment area.

    There used to be some others on this Forum who did get an AUS and should be more knowledgeable.

    PS: Ask your urologist!

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    Thanks OS. I'll see him next month. He's big on the sling. But I've not asked about either and any possible problems should there be a recurrence. Yet.