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Any opinions on ultra sensitive PSA vs PSA? Got my order for first PSA since RP and they ordered regular PSA test.


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    I guess it’s up to you and your doctor but I have been doing the standard PSA tests for years. With the re-occurrence being .20 my standard test should detect any increase long before it gets to .20.

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    I figured its reasonable to use standard test or they would of ordered ultra sensitive. My understanding is standard test reads to .x and ultra sensitive is .xx (two decimal places). What is the accuracy of standard test though? is it +/- 0.1?

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    The correct question is what is the standard deviation of the PSA test, but I wouldn't worry about this.

    The 'standard' PSA test result will have one decimal places. For instance, 1.2 ng/mL

    The ultrasensitive test result will usually show three decimal places; for instance, <0.006 is a great outcome (often referred to as Non-Detectable).

    I hope you will have a great test result!

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    I understand both to be clinically acceptable to monitor for recurrence. My Urology Group at our teaching hospital uses only regular PSA, as best I can tell (I'll ask, next visit with my N.P.). Realize that whatever test you use, 'undetectable' does NOT mean numerically zero. My tests have never been numerically zero, in seven years, but otherwise met the definition of 'undetectable.' A typical result (when they showed me that raw data) was always something like 00.0052, or similar fractions at random.

    (I just saw from Old Salt's comment that apparently my lab DOES use ultra-sensitive; thank you, Old Salt ! )