Going for my scans next week

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Ok going for my two year scans next week and I’m already worrying but if there all good I get to go to every six months and instead of every three months


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    Good luck...prayers for NED!

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    Wish you anither NED and biring result!

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    Here's to a visit from Uncle NED! Prayers and all the best to you!

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    Thank you everyone I’ll let you know how it goes next Thursday

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    I'm here to tell you that worry will get you absolutely nowhere in this journey. It's not the scans, the tests, the lab punctures or peeing in a bottle. It's only about the results.

    Within 2 weeks will be the "anniversary" of my diagnosis day. I'm in the 16th year of survival with having Stage 4 RCC. That was 2006. The long surgery removed a lot of what was found and a couple of other organs to go with it. The cancer was found 2 different times, once in 2007 and once in 2008, both in small out of the way nodes that were each removed with surgery. That's why the follow up tests are SOOOooo important, as they were able to see a difference in node sizes measured in mm.

    I gladly go in for tests on a regular basis-my Internist, my Oncologist, and Nephrologist. I've had call backs and additional tests, biopsies, endoscopic procedures, X-rays, untrasounds, more CT's than you can count...but I'm still here.

    The grandchildren--1 graduated from University, 1 is a Sr and getting ready to graduate, 1 is a Sr. in HS., and one one my D-in-law had just after my 1st Surgery is a joy to watch.

    So thank you surgeons and Dr's. I'm still here.


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    Thank you Donna