Osteosarcoma of the Maxilla

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Hi, i am currently dealing with my third recurrent osteosarcoma tumor of the maxilla. I will be going in for surgery early May at MD Anderson to remove the tumor, my right eye, and a complete rhinoplasty along with a reconstruction of my upper jaw using my right hip bone. It will be a huge surgery as you can imagine. I'm looking for any advice on how to help cope with this huge loss and what to expect if anyone has had any of these removed before. Thanks.


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    i had a very similar situation. My right maxilla removed, teeth and part of my palate but was able to keep most of my orbital floor, followed by radiation and chemo. My face was rebuilt with fairly successfully using my fibula, all done in Little Rock, AR. I am now 5 years post surgery and doing well. Let me know if you need any advice on anything Im glad to help

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    It is sad to hear you are going through such a difficult phase in your life. When a person loses an eye, they lose their depth perception and they are unable to aim their eyes at different directions. The loss of an eye will also affect their self-image. It is a big loss indeed. But I think you should try to be positive about it. Life will be difficult for you for the next few months, but eventually you will be able to adapt to the loss. But if you are worried about how your face will look after the surgery, you should approach an expert on cosmetic surgery. He can give you a realistic idea about how your face will look after the surgery.