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Has anyone on here or they know developed metastasis from a sub 3cm grade 2 tumor? ?

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    Have you had surgery yet? A tumor that size is usually stage 1, but it can be stage 3 or if it's invaded the renal vein or far, or it can be stage 4 IF it spread after stage 3. It would be very rare to jump from stage 1 to stage 4, especially with a grade 2.

  • CastlP
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    I had a PN on January 21st. It was a stage T1a 2.8cm/grade 2 cancer. Just was wondering how likely is for that size and grade to metastasize in the future. Wondering if it has happened to someone else?

  • AliceB1950
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    It's a really, REALLY low chance of recurrence with that stage and grade. Enjoy your cancer-free life, and look at your scans as no scarier than the routine blood work your primary care doctor orders.

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    I think you will be just fine I was stage 3 because of where my tumor was located but I’m still fine at two years out so I think you can rest easy my thoughts are with you

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    probability of mets is extremely low. In your case there is really no need to worry about recurrence too much. Do not skip follow ups, of course, but don’t let fear shadow your life. Life in constant fear is as terrible as cancer :-( you will be fine!