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I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian cancer. I have had 3 chemo treatments. The plan is to have surgery next and to follow that with 3 more chemo treatments. I have a pre-surgery appointment next week. What questions should I ask?


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    What do they anticipate removing?

    will they install an ostomy?

    what will your convalescence entail?

    what supports will you need? For how long? And what resources are available?

    what do you need to buy now and do to ease and prepare for your convalescence?

    what might go wrong? And what are the options and remedies?

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    Thank you for your help. I will definitely include these questions.

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    If you add to the list, please share. I’ll be asking my own questions about surgery in another 5 weeks, after my 6th chemo and a scan.

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    Will do.

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    Hi, Ladies

    I usually hang out on the Uterine board, but I check in here occasionally. It can be very quiet here!

    It’s smart that you’re looking for good questions! :))

    I could add a million to your list, so I’ll try to stick to the basics!

    What kind of surgery - open or laparoscopic? How long do you expect it to take? Will I have to spend the night? (With laparoscopic, usually no.) How and from where will you remove my organs? They should be put in bags to remove. You do not want them dragging cancerous tissue through a laparoscopic incision or your vagina.

    I had 2 surgeries….incompetent GYN did hysterectomy first. They didn’t send me home with an abdominal binder, so I bought one on Amazon. It helped immensely! Your uterus serves as a bumper guard for other organs…keep them from ramming into each other! So, I could feel the absence!

    It’s just me, but I made it crystal clear, and repeated this to every single individual I encountered on the day of my surgeries, “I don’t care what you find, or what you think you need to do, but DO NOT remove any of my organs other than the ones we’ve agreed to! Do the best yiu can and walk away! I WILL NOT wake up with some bag meant to be permanently attached to my body to replace any organ!! For instance…You DO NOT have permission to remove my bladder!” I made sure every person that was going to be in that operating room knew this! They all looked at me like I was crazy! And as it turned out, there was a small spot on my bladder that was damaged removing cancer, and so he stitched it to reinforce, and I did have to take home and drag around a catheter bag for a week. I was very unhappy about that! But thrilled that I still had a bladder!

    I hope everything goes well for both of you!

    Hugs, A

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    Hope everything goes well with you. I think if we got each other to talk to, it will help. Even if its to complain.

    I'm a few weeks behind you. Haven't been officially diagnosed yet. How did the chemo go? How long are you expected to be out of service after surgery? Any info would be helpful.

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    I also was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. I had 9 weeks of weekly chemo and then had a complete hysterectomy (ovaries, uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes) and then 9 more weeks of weekly chemo. I am also not trying to scare anyone but I wish someone who had been through this would have talked to me before hand. The questions that I asked where:

    How long is the surgery?

    Will you have to remove any other organs or lymph nodes?

    What is the recovery time?

    When will chemo resume after surgery?

    Is the surgery laparoscopic?

    My surgery was not laparoscopic and I have a scar about 10 inches long. I also had to inject myself in the belly every day for two weeks with heparin to prevent blood clots which from what my Doctor said is common with this type of surgery. The injections are painless. I spent about 2 days in the hospital and recovered at home for about 2 weeks before chemo resumed and staples were removed. The good news is that there is cutting edge treatments for ovarian cancer. I just had my 9 month check up and I am still in remission. My CA 125 when I was diagnosed was 565, my most recent one was a 6. My advice to you is to try and remain positive. Good luck to you.