Mantel Cell Lymphoma

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This is going to be long winded and I am really just looking for support, maybe some success stories.

My brother, who is 38, was diagnosed with mantel cell lymphoma on 7/28/21. He immediately started chemotherapy, however was allergic to rituximab- bad like shaking all over and he passed out a time or two. So they had to use other chemo drugs, forgive me but I'm not sure which ones. He finished chemo last month and we all believed he was doing well. He looked great and had very little side effects to chemo, really just a rash.

About two weeks ago his entire jaw blew up to about 5 times it's normal size. They did a full body CT scan which showed that the cancer has progressed in his stomach and neck but has gotten much better in his chest. He was admitted to the hospital today for extreme stomach pain and some blood in his stool, they did say his spleen is currently enlarged. He had an MRI done tonight (no results yet) because there is concern that it is also in his brain which we did not even know was a possibility until today.

Throughout all of this his appetite has been incredible! And up until this week he as walking about 2 miles a day and extremely active.

Like I said, just looking for some support, some positivity, maybe a success story or two as I am currently very scared and full of anxiety for him.

We do not live in the same state but I will be going to see him in 2 days and our parents are going tomorrow. His fiance is with him but they will not let her stay in the hospital due to COVID restrictions.


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    Is this you Meghan? I was trying to get you on private messaging, I just found our original correspondence but it dropped out and now I can’t find how to private message you. If you can send me a PM, I can reply, please do if you can. Becky