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Hi y’all, my name is Michael Ross, I’m 27 years old from a small town in upstate New York. Just diagnosed with a squamous cell on my tongue, but I feel like it’s been months to years. I met with a specialist the other day and one of the nurses came in and was asking prerequisite questions.

First questions asked, “Are you depressed? Yes”

Second question asked, “ Are you sad? Yes”

I have a beautiful wife and son at home. I have discussed it with my wife I should probably start seeing a therapist due to my ongoing issue. Problem right now is I can’t speak very well so seeing an actual therapist might not be the correct thing. I’ve had thoughts in the past but not cancer thoughts or even suicidal thoughts. Do people reach out to friends and family or seeing a license therapist or even a therapist who might be involved with the specific cancer.

Thank you,

Michael Ross


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    I'm so sorry to hear this. I see your post is old. I hope you have found some help.

    I would say try what works... perhaps all of the above. Having a professional to talk to can really help.