I’m back, sadly.

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So, I just got my results back from an ultrasound

largest cyst at a whopping 11 cm, is mildly complicated. It went from simple to mildly complicated.

im going crazy.

i don’t even know what this means anymore.


  • Deanie0916
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    I'm sorry for this news for you. Try not to google while you wait for the next steps. All the best to you. I know it's not the same but hopefully you can be encouraged with my story as a 5 year survivor if a 20 cm rcc tumor. Prayers for you.

  • jazzgirl
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    Hey K - Oh I feel for you getting this news. The anxiety is so hard to deal with, let alone keeping track of all the informaiton. I hope you have support folks nearby, and that you can get more information toward next steps. Keep us posted please. Take care ~

  • K93
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    Thank you, I have been trying not to think about it. I tried reaching out to my urologist since the nephrologist was on vacation, and so dar no word. :(

  • K93
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    Thank you I will. I will admit I feel somewhat defeated already because its been like a 2 year battle, and then this.