1 year in with Thyroid Cancer Recovery

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Hello everyone

I am relatively new to this. I discovered I had cancer almost two years ago. I had my surgery and radiation last year. It cost a lot of money and part of me feels like I paid more I was supposed to, however, I was to exhausted to go over the bills and argue anything. This year I have Thyrogen medication and hospitalization for radiation coming up. I have to pay $1000 out of pocket just for the Thyrogen. That is all I can afford right now and I still need to worry about paying for the hospitalization.

My question is, does anyone know a company that sells the medication with smaller price or any tips to save as much as money as possible?


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    Hi there. First of all, I pray for you and your healing. Have you applied for Medical Financial Aid? There are many, many jumps to go through, but if you provide ALL the paperwork and qualify, you can get help with your bills. Which insurance company do you have?

    God Bless