Awaiting neph surgery... thank you!

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I just wanted to say thank you to all who took the time to share and reply to those in need on this forum.

I have gathered much support since diagnosis, and the feedback and positivity is truly inspiring!

Lots of calming the mind through meditation, exercise and eating healthy is my regime; and I now feel even better after reading your informative posts.




  • Tobi
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    This forum helped me to calm down and focus and what needed to be done, and it makes me happy when I see that it is helping someone else. I will be sending you positive vibes for your neph.

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    You will do fine surgery is ok I just think it’s a road to recovery keep us posted on how your doing

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    Hi Crystal, Did you have your surgery? I'm glad you found the forum beforehand - it was a year after surgery that I stumbled upon it and really wish I had had access to the information and support going into it. Those things you're doing, "calming the mind through meditation, exercise and eating healthy" are so important before and, as you are able, afterwards.  Hope it goes well. Take care ~

  • crysj
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    Hello, and thank you again for the support : )

    Yes, I had radical neph last week via robotic surgery and I my healing and recovery is going amazingly well. Discharged after 2 nights and wounds seems to be knitting nicely. Daily lifestyle resuming slowly and hoping to get back to exercise asap. I have urologist post-op appointment tomorrow to get results of the removed kidney biopsy, and the next steps to full recovery.

    We're trying plantbased cooking, but any tips/suggestions on healthy snack foods? Aaargh Sodium and phosphorus in EVERYTHING!!

    Catcha later : )