Lung cancer

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Have Stage 4 NSCLC with metastasis to Brian. Diagnosed 2015 and have been on several chemo’s. Am EGFR mutation. Had cyberknife done on my brain Mets and so far ok. I decided to stop chemo in August of 2020 as my scans looked good talked to my Oncologist and it was ok to stop the chemo. Kept having my Pet-Scans every 4 months but this last scan 2weeks ago showed a 5mm non calcified nodule in my other lung and radiologist said in report suggested Ct-Scan for further evaluation. My Oncologist said not to worry about it and will do another Pet-Scan in 6months. I am a bit concerned as from what I have read a non calcified nodule has more of a chance to become a cancer. I am thinking about getting another opinion. Is anyone out there have had a similar situation as mine? Or any suggestions about a 2nd opinion