Wrong Dosage of Lupron Depot

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I started Lupron Depot injections 3-month dosages August 2019 for 2 years (one was pre brachytherapy procedure, total of Nine 3-month injections)

Pre mistake, sleep was disrupted most nights to less than before and afternoon power naps no longer exist once it was in my system after about 6 weeks. Severe adverse reaction of Paranoia that is not a symptom of Lupron Depot and noted within their in house tech pharmacist staff.

My last injection for the 3-month, my Urologist office had given me the 6-month dosage instead and was unaware till 5 calendar days later I was rightfully disappointed.

I was asked by the manufacturer when I called them to report this if I was given the lot number etc that would show which monthly dosage it was, "No which I have never received this information previously".

1-Has anyone ever experienced this during your Lupron Injections given the wrong dosage, if yes your noticeable changes you are experienced?

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    The urologist's office should be able to come up with the exact info regarding the injection.

    However, I wouldn't get too excited if a mistake was made since the deed is done and three additional months is not going to be a factor in the grand scheme of things. It will take longer for the drug to wash out of your system which, in turn, will delay the return of normal testosterone levels. In the meantime, keep exercising to help with the recovery from the hormone treatment.

    Good luck with fighting the disease.