Endometrium 15.90mm!? I’m 34 :/ any advice

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Hi everyone I’m new here, I am finding comfort in the warmness of the forum. I wanted to share what I’m going through and see if anyone has any advice for me. I’m 34, was diagnosed with PCOS at 16. Over the years I have had months of missing periods, regular periods that come like clock work, or some that come like every 40/45 days. Pretty much I’m irregular. 

I recently had a ultrasound 3/2021 and the notes were this: Uterus normal size, small ov follicles, 3 small endometrial polyps

my doctor didn’t really say much besides oh you have a few polys no big deal well monitor them. So now 2/22 and it’s time for another routine pcos check up and she ordered another ultrasound. After this ultrasound this is what they had to say: 

Uterus: enlarged/ slightly bulky.heterogeneous probably adenomyosis vascular. Probable small subserosal fibroid seen anterior, mid-rt 1.6x0.8x1.0cm 

EC-slightly thick. Heterogeneous 

Cervix: nabothain cyst

 Bilateral múltiple ovarian follicles seen, largest is simple on the rt ov: 1.3x 1.2x 1.2cm 

Probable pcos May be seen, there are no obvious ovarian cyst seen today. Bilateral enlarged ovaries seen 

Clu de sac: mild amount of free fluid seen. Mild free fluid seen anterior to rt ovary 




Height-5.71 cm

Volume 214.55cm 

Endometrium thickness-15.90mm

I just would like to know what you all think based on the findings, can this be a little more serious because the doctor kept saying that it was the thicker endometrium that is the reasons for a emb. So I have a emb scheduled for March 4th. I have read people saying that a DNC is better. I didn’t know that was an option the doctor said they were just being “proactive” so I guess we’ll see what happens if they can get a good sample if not I’ll ask for a DNC. I am obviously nervous but since it’s not a diagnosis of anything yet, I do not want to stress out so much, but I do not want to go about blindly so I figured I do research of my own. I do get sharp pains inside of my vaginal a lot and I notice it happens after a few days later from intercourse w my husband. I always blew it off that we don’t do it so often. Besides that there’s the heavy periods, my family’s history and spotting between my periods. Also the fact that the doctor said numbers of times the thickness of the uterus so anyway you can tell me your story or anything else I would appreciate it so much. I don’t even know if my findings are so bad, like how bad is a 15.90 mm thickness? I was one day after my expected ovulation, and I have had a tubal ligation years ago. So yes thanks in advance blessings 🙏🏽🙏🏽


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    I had similar issues. My periods were irregular and would sometimes last 60 days. I was told I just produce a lot of blood. I didn't have health insurance for many years and missed regular paps. ER doctors wouldn't take me seriously because I had no insurance. In 2019, when I was 33, I was diagnosed with stage 3 endometrial cancer. I also had a lightbulb sized tumor growing from my left ovary. I had to have a full hysterectomy, 6 rounds of chemo and 7 weeks of internal/external radiation. Currently cancer free and keeping up with my check ups. I would definitely get a 2nd opinion just to be safe. Some doctors don't think to look for this cancer in someone your age because it is not common for young women it's an after menopause cancer. I did genetic testing and had no indication to why I got this cancer. It was just because.

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    @mstar310 I would invite you to visit the Uterine page on this site. While it is a little quiet right now, warriors and their loved ones aren't posting a lot, they are there.

    I would say good for you for being proactive, but you may want to see if you can find another doctor who listens to you. My gyn tried to do a biopsy - too painful - and did a D&C. I'm glad she did and then turned me over to a gynecologic oncologist for all surgery and treatment.

    @heyitsme please visit us at on the Uterine page as well.

    Lovely women and families and very supportive of each other.

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    Definitely get a second opinion. I am 71 years old and I was seen for my incontinence issues and vaginal dryness. Prescribed estrogen cream, no pap nothing. A few moths later I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Full hysterectomy followed by 6 rounds of chemotherapy, and 31 rounds of radiation. I may never know if an earlier diagnosis would have made this less daunting. We as women must make our health care professionals listen, and ask questions.

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    I have recently been diagnosed with stage 4 endometrial cancer. It has moved to my lungs which I’m finding out is a typical place for migration. My doctor moved quickly with a total hysterectomy and I started chemo (Abraxane and Carbo Platin) on June 29th. I am 66 and widowed so losing my reproductive organs wasn’t as traumatic as it would be for a younger woman. Treatments are weekly with the Abraxane, and the Carboplatin is given only every 21 days. Two weeks before the operation I started clean eating all organic, cut out sugar, non gmo, no dairy, everything grass fed and /or free range. I also started fasting to make the chemo more effective 18-6. But the day before my chemo I do a 24 hour fast and then 6 hours after chemo is finished. I haven’t experienced any nausea or vomiting and have only had one bad day which was 2 days after my very first treatment. I am early into chemo only having undergone 4 treatments in all and will have another CT scan at the end of August. Has anyone out there had experience with other methods that may bring success or bigger chance for remission? My survival rate is not good and that is upsetting and I am contemplating going to an immunology clinic to booster my immune system. Has anyone out there done that as well and what is your Experience with it?