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Hi - My mom, age 83, was diagnosed with Stage 1B pancreatic cancer in May 2021. She decided to not have the Whipple surgery because her COPD (non-smoker) is a complication. She is still in Stage 1B. She has completed 18 treatments of Abraxane and Gemzar at 80% followed by 3 shots one day at a time to stimulate white blood cell production. The treatments are given every other week. The treatments are getting harder and harder. Her quality of life is now being impacted on her off chemo weeks. She is considering going off of chemo. Does anyone have any experience with a situation like this? For example, how fast did the cancer progress after stopping chemo? Was quality of life improved significantly? I will support any process my mom chooses for herself. It is hard to find research and experiences with Stage 1B as pancreatic cancer is so often detected at later stages. I would love to hear from anybody. I am also looking for an online caregivers support group. Any suggestions? Thank you for your time and any insights, etc. you would like to share.


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    Metronomic Dosing is a technique that came into existence around 2017 and has slowly been gaining use by oncologists. Rather than using the “more is better” paradigm, there are oncologists that are adopting the approach of lower dose given more frequently. In some patients, it is tolerated better. Here is a link with more information-

    The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network ( has their Patient Central group of professional case managers that can assist in locating a support group for patients and caregivers specific to pancreatic cancer. The phone number is 877.272.6226, M-F, 7:00am-5:00pm PT. Gilda’s Clubs have many chapters throughout the US providing patient and caregiver support for cancer in general. An internet search will locate a club in your State and you can get more information if they meet in person of via video conferencing.

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    Hi there. My mom was diagnosed back in January if 22 with stage 1B. They gave folfirinox to her 3 times which landed her in the ICU for a month. After that they decided to go with a lower form of chemo and radiation with hopes of a whipple surgery at the end of her treatments. Those ended in July and she did tolerate this treatment a lot better though she was unable to complete the surgery after treatment. She ended up developing cirrhosis of her liver which the doctors have said was most likely due to the folfirinox she received. She is no longer eligable for surgery and is not a liver transplant candidate due to the cancer. Her tumor is still at stage one and has not spread or grown at all which is great but now she deals with quality of life issues due to the lasting effects of the chemo. If she could go back and do it all over again I know she would elect not to do the chemo up front and either try the surgery or radiation. It's so devastating because you think you've found it early but this form of cancer is just a beast. I really hope you are doing well.. what ever stage of this you are in!