CT Chest Scan Results Solid Non Calcified nodules and lymphoid tissue up to 1.4 cm

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I just had my recent chest CT scan - it came back with some worrisome things to me and it said prominent precarinal and left peribronchial lymphoid tissue measuring up to 1.4 cm. This is not favored to represent metastatic disease although recommend survellience to be prudent. Prominent precainal lymph node measuring up to 1.4 cm. Prominet lymphoid tissue to the left mainstream bronchus meansuring up to 1.0 cm. 3mm solid non calcified nodule in right upper lobe and 2 mm solid non calcified nodule adjacent to a vessel to the left lower lobe. What does this all mean. I never had a bad Chest CT scan in my life. I am 59 years old non smoker. I was diagnosed with Stage 1 superficial tongue cancer and have been NED for 2 1/2 years. My neck Ct scan came back normal. But my chest came back with all of this. I am scared and broken up and cried since the report and have not slept. I am worried I have lung cancer - what are the next steps the head and neck Doctor I see ordered a Pet Scan but my last Pet Scan was not approved by my work insurance so I am worried I won't get proper care - I have gone without a scan since June 2021 my original head and neck surgeon went on leave they only ever sent me to a PA at the Slyvester Cancer Center in FL - I was not treated right only until recently I was assigned this year a new head and neck Doctor. Should I see a pulmonologist or wait until Pet Scan results come back - will it tell me anything - I hope and pray it gets approved otherwise I don't know what to do. Please anyone can you help me. I want to live a long life. Everyting you read on the internet is so bad. I am a wreck. I really appreciate with all my heart and soul anyone's comments to me about my results and to help calm me.