pain killer for aprostadil? nitroglycerin for ED?

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Hi there to everyone,

I'm now nearly 3 months post RP. Began 5 mg. Cialis two weeks before surgery but no response by two months after, so we moved to injections. Alprostadil/caverject produced some enlargement/elongation, but no hardness at all, and the pain was pretty unbearable. Trimix regular did not produce a much better erection, only for a half hour longer, meaning the unbearable pain was also for longer. It's not excruciating, not sharp, but very heavy pressure that makes the whole experience very uninviting to repeat. No pain with Bimix or Bimix Forte, but even weaker results than Alprostadil. The vacuum pump does not really work at all, and even worse with a ring around the base. Does anyone here have any experience with or heard anything about any localized pain killer for Alprostadil? Lidocain is available for injection. Would it work for this? Obviously, external lidocain would not help, and one would anyway not want to dull external sensation. What about oral pain killers?

Alternatively nitroglycerin has been studied for external use to produce an erection. Clinical study:; summaries/discussions:,,, and if you prefer video: and Has anyone here actually tried this or has anything to share about it?


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    I think you need to give your body more time to heal. It took me probably at least 6-8 months after my surgery to get a decent erection. Continued to improve gradually for the next year and then kind of leveled off. Everyone heals at different rates so there is no time table but three months out to me is just starting the healing process. Keep trying to get blood flow to that area and let nature heal ya, hopefully you will notice improvements over the next several months.

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