Post-nephrectomy Fever

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I had my partial nephrectomy surgery last Tuesday and I was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday evening.

The first night home I developed a fever of about 101F. I called my surgery’s nurse hotline where they advised me to go to the ER if the fever reaches 101.5F.

The fever has been coming and going. During daytime it is about 100F and falls to 99.5F during evening hours. It has never been higher than 101F so I didn’t yet go to the ER.

I am wondering if anyone had a similar experience? Should I go to the ER anyway if the intermittent fever does not stop by Monday? Tonight the fever never got above 99.6F.

P.S. I was prescribed hydrocodone-acetaminophen pills which I take every 6 hours.


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    Hi, Dnipro:

    First of all, I'm glad your surgery went well. Sounds like your body is fighting a little bug/infection of sorts. At this point, I think you've done everything right and are on top of the situation.

    Wishing you a smooth(er) recovery after this fever issue ends!


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    I had 3-4 days about 99 -101 F after partial

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    The fever still comes briefly at night sometimes but it’s never too high and it lasts for shorter durations. I hope that’s a good sign.

    Thank you for the good wishes!