Not sure of what type of cancer I have

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Hi All, I had a fast growing lesion on my left upper arm that I discovered at the end of September 2021. By Mid November what had been a flat, small, slightly raised area slightly larger than a pencil eraser in diameter was a 5 x 4 cm 2 cm high lesion with a baseball sized area under the skin.

The initial punch biopsy came back as: PLEOMORPHIC MALIGNANT NEOPLASM, most suggestive of a poorly-differentiated squamous cell carcinoma.

After the tumor was excised, the pathlogy result was: UNDIFFERENTIATED EPITHELIOID MALIGNANT NEOPLASM HIGH-GRADE

PET scan showed involvement of lymph nodes, and T-11 vertebra ad Left intertrochantic femur.

So, a stage 4 cancer of some type. My surgical oncologist has referred me to a medical oncologist, and I am still waiting to see her. I have also initiated a process for an online review at Stanford Medical Center via their Grand Rounds.

I am curious is anyone else has had these types of results initially, and what determination was eventually made.

I think it is fair to say I am scared to death....