Guidance and Support new diagnosis..Breast & Bone Cancer


Good afternoon 

I am writing you begging for help and guidance. My mother is a two time breast cancer survivor and has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 Metastatic breast cancer and Bone cancer, specifically within the Iliac bone. My mom is in constant pain and discomfort. Mom has a wonderful Oncology team in place, my biggest worry is she wont be able to continue to pay them. Mom has a managed Medicare plan, its not the best but its better then nothing. Mom recently applied for Medicaid but was turned down. The state says my parents make to much money. I don't know how this is possible or why this is even a factor, especially knowing that my mother is fighting for her life. My parents get disability from Social Security, but that's all, they do not get any assistance from any other organization. My parents struggle to make ends meet. Often times I am paying their copays sometimes I will send money, and I place grocery orders just so I know they are eating. Can anyone recommend an organization I can look into, or where I can go for support? Copays are adding up and mom has ALOT of treatment let. I am not looking for a handout, I am looking for help so that my mom does not give up without a fight!